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We consistently exceed expectations and set higher standards for the industry through superior proven products and unequaled customer satisfaction. 


Founded in 1904, Avantor is a global manufacturer of high-purity materials for the production and research needs of customers in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics, aerospace & defense and semiconductor industries.

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AAS Standard Solutions High Purity Acids - Hydrochloric Acid , Sulfuric Acid, Nitric Acid,Perchloric Acid ACS Grade Reagents AR, ACS, GC, GC-HS, HPLC Solvents Organic and Inorganic Chemicals Carbohydrates ICP Standard Solutions Ready to use volumetric Standard Solutions PH Indicator Solutions Proteins/Proteins Derivatives Conductivity Standards Staining Solutions Biological Stains & Dyes ( Giemsa’s Stain, Leishman’s stain,Eosin Yellow , Hematoxylin Stain, May & Grunwald’s stain)